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The Circle of Friends for Mental Health



About us:

Circle of Friends for Mental Health is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to improve the lives of people burdened with mental illness, and teens with addiction, by providing them with ongoing programs in the visual arts, music, creative writing, drama,computers, and photography.

Circle of Friends fosters health by staffing arts classes with university interns and community volunteers, and offering the classes free of charge to persons with mental illness. Artistic expression is a proven way to aid people in their recovery and self-healing.

Circle of Friends helps participants display their artwork at galleries, coffee shops and community venues. These supports provide our low-income community members with a modest financial compensation.

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Spoken at a candlelit vigil for persons who are homeless and living with mental illness:

"We, as human beings, are wonderfully, and complexly, made. We have the potential to do great things. Our imaginations stir our capacities to build spaceships, to transplant hearts, to communicate, instantaneously, with people, all around the globe, and even to love one another.

We are also created with considerable fragility and vulnerability. Even the strongest among us experience great fragility due to illnesses or physical limitations; some because of a susceptibility to electrical shorts and biochemical imbalances in our brains that affect our whole being..."

-Ken Kraybill